Photos: Wendy Chan

Photos: Wendy Chan

I was fortunate to attend an elementary school situated next to a natural hillside. Appropriately named Hillside Elementary School, I remember observing the seasons change across the school’s hillside from green, to green with brown tips, then finally to completely brown. I loved watching the brown grass sway with the wind, imagining them as prairie fields with a mythical creature living inside a small cave nestled into the hillside.

Los Angeles Landscape_Wendy Chan_02
As a kid I perceived this hillside scene as the definition of nature’s beauty, even though in reality it was just an undeveloped hillside within the Los Angeles urban environment. Now that I am older, I appreciate these moments and the feelings the Los Angeles landscape still evokes: the way the brown grass sways with the breeze, the sight of Yucca flowers dotting the hillsides, or the lone tree standing tall above a field of native grass. The Los Angeles landscape has a unique charm and beauty, and photography gives me the means to capture the natural beauty endemic to Southern California that continues to inspire the imagination.

Los Angeles Landscape_Wendy Chan_05

Los Angeles Landscape_Wendy Chan_03

Los Angeles Landscape_Wendy Chan_04

Los Angeles Landscape_Wendy Chan_06


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  1. May 7, 2015

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    Even within the bounds of a metropolis like Los Angeles are hidden sections of natural beauty where our imagination can run free.


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