Photo: Calvin Abe

Photo: Calvin Abe

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. Fortunately, my mother is still very active and lives comfortably in Sacramento. She goes to the gym daily, swims, and goes bowling every Friday afternoon at a senior league. I wouldn’t think of her as a handicap bowler just because she bowls with other 80 year olds. Her bowling average is over 160 and she often rolls in the high 180 and occasionally hits 200. Those of you who know anything about bowling, you know this is quite an accomplishment, especially for someone who is 88 years old. She is quite a woman.

Photo: Calvin Abe

Photo: Calvin Abe

After wishing her a Happy Mother’s day on the phone, she thanked me for sending an Ikebana flower arrangement. She love plants, flowers, particularly orchids, and deeply appreciates “Ikebana”, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Late Sunday afternoon before the Clippers basketball game, I was walking through my garden thinking about my mom. I decide to pull out my camera and photograph a few house plants and plants from my backyard as a way to acknowledge my mom’s love and passion for plants. I don’t know if she would appreciate these black and white images, but this is my interpretation of my passion to discover beauty in nature.

Photo: Calvin Abe

Photo: Calvin Abe


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