The map above shows every building built between 1909 through 1930. Sections like Monterey Park and Vernon were yet to be developed.

The map above shows every building built in Los Angeles County between 1909 through 1930. Sections like Monterey Park and Vernon were yet to even be developed.

built:LA At last count in 2008 Los Angeles County had over 2.9 million buildings. This interactive map of LA allows users to hover over any one of those millions of buildings to discover the date it was built or view how the city expanded, decade by decade.

Landscape Architecture Students Pair Age-Old Methods with Technology: “I think there’s something about the hand-eye-and-mind coordination that just happens when you draw a line by hand. There’s a physical gesture that you’re making, and you’re part of it. This is especially important in landscape architecture because these students are designing for 3-D spaces, so they’ve really got to be in that space to understand how the decisions they make can affect their designs. And making models and drawing by hand puts them in that space.”

How 4 Iconic Places in Los Angeles Are Saving Water: National Geographic spotlights how Dodger Stadium, Forest Lawn, the Getty, and Exposition Park are each utilizing innovative strategies to conserve during the drought while continuing serving their visitors.

Push Grows to Add Rim of the Valley Lands to National Recreation Area: “Los Angeles is one of the rarest of big cities in America, with millions of people living in close proximity to nature, with mountain lions like P-22 and bears that eat the meatballs in your garage refrigerator. But, if we don’t act now to preserve these wildlife corridors, they will be gone for good and, along with them, a lot of what we love about Los Angeles.”

Skiing the California Drought: No Snow, No Water: “Fearless rock skiers brave the treacherous jutting rocks of drought ridden California mountains illustrating the effects of climate change on our once snow capped peaks. California’s water supply is nearly 30% snow runoff. No snow, no water.”


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