Woad dyed yarn. Photo: The Right Hue.

Woad dyed yarn. Photo: The Right Hue.

History In Focus: Producing Blue Dye From Woad Plants Producing blue dye from the Woad plant (Isatis tinctoria) is one of the oldest European sartorial traditions — but it takes a lot of work.

L.A. Urban Nature Fest: Mark your calendars for June 27 and 28, 2015 when the Natural History Museum presents a brand new, two-day Nature Festival. Explore NHM’s research and collections with our scientists, participate in citizen science projects, engage with over 50 local organizations and dig into the Nature Gardens with family friendly activities.

Roots Up’s Dew Collector greenhouse provides veggies and water in Ethiopia: “The Roots Up’s Dew Collector greenhouse can help farmers in arid climates raise fresh vegetables, even during droughts. Dedicated to creating a system of self-reliant farms in Ethiopia, the greenhouse helps to collect dew that would otherwise evaporate into the atmosphere. With the dew collector, farmers can raise protected plants, and yield clean water for both irrigation and drinking.”

A Greener Europe [Video]: “The Austrian pavilion at the 2015 World Expo in Milan demonstrates how the pavilion’s ‘green’ architecture could serve as a model for cities of the future. It also demonstrates the importance of forests, not only to the people of Austria but to people across Europe and the world: in providing food, timber and energy; regulating the climate and sustaining biodiversity; and creating jobs, while also giving us green spaces where we enjoy a wide range of recreational activities.”

Sea Change: Global warming could condense three million years of changes in the oceans into less than one century. According to a study released today in the journal Nature Climate Change, we are changing the state of life in our oceans—not just extinctions but also species invasions and relocations—at a rate unknown to science.


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