Can Sex Sell Water Conservation?: Leave it to San Francisco to turn saving water into something mildly salacious: The city’s “Water Conservation is Smart and Sexy” campaign features voluptuous shots of shiny water features along with suggestive messages, such as “Replace Your Old Toilet and Get Paid for Doing It.”

Bees are worth billions to farmers across the globe, study suggests: Wild bees provide crop pollination services worth more than $3,250 per hectare per year, a study reported on Tuesday. Their value to the food system is “in the billions, globally,” its authors wrote in the journal Nature Communications.

Divining Los Angeles: Adaptation By Design: Using landscape photography from across the west and experimental geospatial modeling tools for metropolitan Los Angeles, Hadley and Peter Arnold explore promising possibilities for how humans can adapt to climate extremes in the 21st century.

43 ways to save water during the drought — while still keeping the lawn: 43 wallet-friendly tips for reducing your water footprint, from the kitchen, to the laundry, bathroom, yard, and even when you step out.

Where There Once Was Water: Photographer Brittany App Documents the Drought: “As the drought has gotten worse, I feel that people are waking up to it, and slowly but surely people are changing habits,” said App, who has been documenting the effects of the drought for the past two years as part of her photography series, Where There Once Was Water.” “That’s a great thing, but I don’t think enough of us are taking it as seriously as we should be.”


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