Favorite Stops along PCH
As the summer begins there is one road trip that always calls to my soul. It’s the Pacific Coast Highway trip between Morro Bay to Monterey. If you never traveled this route before you are truly missing one of the most beautiful natural wonders of California. However, you can’t rush because there are so many things to stop and see including sea lions, birds, wildflowers, rugged coastlines, streams and waterfalls, native Redwood forests and the vast ocean vistas.

Favorite Stops along PCH-2

In my youth back in 1976 I made this trip for the first time driving a 1975 Toyota Corolla with manual transmission. When you’re 22 years old its a thrill to drive this route, especially when the cliff-hugging highway is next to a 500 foot drop to the ocean. From Monterey you can make it to Morro Bay near San Luis Obispo in a leisurely 5 hours. Today, I much prefer to take two to three days, with stops in Morro Bay, Garrapata State Park, and Big Sur.

Favorite Stops along PCH-5

Favorite Stops along PCH-6

I usually drive in middle of the day, leaving the mornings and early evenings to catch the wonderful light to photograph. I love stopping along the road, taking casual and relaxing hikes, especially when I reach the Coastal Redwoods canyons. The dappled light in the forest is beautiful. This weekend I am considering doing the drive again if my schedule allows. Wish me luck.

Here are some more colorful moments from my trip last year…

Favorite Stops along PCH-3

Favorite Stops along PCH-7

Favorite Stops along PCH-10

Favorite Stops along PCH-11


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