Hike Up Taco Peak to the Not-So-Secret Griffith Park Teahouse: It seems all of Los Angeles is talking about the guerrilla art installation, The Griffith Park Teahouse, a structure which magically appeared seemingly overnight near Dante’s Peak in our city’s largest public park. Though it is still standing as of now, there are murmurs the hand-built structure is going to be dismantled despite the love and praises amongst city hikers who’ve made their way to visit and share photos via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s already a petition to save it, so hopefully you’ll make it over the holiday weekend for a visit and the view.

Turf Terminators Has Gotten Rich Turning Yards Into Gravel, But Is It Creating Blight?: “We’re creating an environment that is more paved over than the existing environment and doesn’t hold onto rainwater. We have to have living plants. If we eliminate that, we could easily be pushed into an extreme drought situation.”

Metro’s Launching a Big Bike-Share Program Downtown: “The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority today voted to launch an $11 million bike-sharing program in downtown L.A. They’ve awarded a contract to Bicycle Transit Systems, Inc., a company that has launched similar programs in Philadelphia, PA and Oklahoma City, OK. A second company, BCycle, will supply more than 1,000 bikes and 65 bike share stations to the area when the program launches next spring.”

Norway Aims For World’s First “Bee Highway”: Beekeepers, biologists, civilians, designers, and politicians in Oslo are teaming up to create the world’s first “Bee Highway”– an interconnected series of flower fields and green roofs that together form a “pollination route” across the city.

A New Playground in the Bronx Soaks Up the City’s Problematic Storm Water: A new Bronx playground is designed to capture between 500,000 and 700,000 gallons of storm water using a porous layer of gravel beneath the play yard’s turf field, alongside a long bioswale filled with plants designed to act as a giant sponge, soaking up storm water.


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