Landscape great Dan Kiley is subject of retrospective in Dallas: “Design professionals know Kiley, who died in 2004, as the figure who effectively introduced the language of midcentury modernism into the American landscape. Working across scales for corporate, domestic and public clients, his designs brought a sense of clarity and order to nature without forfeiting their humanity.”

Treasures revealed as California drought drains lakes: “Levels at that lake are low enough that the National Park Service this year started issuing permits for divers to visit a B-29 bomber that crashed into the lake in 1948. Now, the wreckage of the plane is 100 feet underwater, park spokeswoman Christie Vanover said.”

Lets Save The Water…With A Hackathon: This event serves as a kick-off for rhubarb studio’s hackathon series, “Hack for Humanity,” which seeks solutions for public good in the private sector. The first hackathon is focused on using innovative technology to find new approaches to addressing the water crisis.

WaterGenius: A free online tool for California homeowners that identifies the best way to save water in homes during the drought, with customized recommendations on water-saving home improvements as well as an efficient way to find the best products and local services and take advantage of rebate offers and incentives.

Fight the Drought: Plant More Trees: There are many drought tolerant trees and the City of Los Angeles’s Urban Forestry Division has already prepared an on-line database of 150 trees they recommend for Los Angeles, two-thirds of which are drought tolerant. If planted correctly, they will play an important role in these new gardens. Furthermore, they also assist our adaption to drought while counteracting climate change.


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