Los Angeles: “This is the city-wide follow up to Ian Wood’s aerial exploration of downtown Los Angeles from last year. And much like with downtown, he continues to be awe struck by how much of this vast city that is partially or completely overlooked.”

The World’s 13 Most Inspiring Trees: “Whether it’s the world’s most famous Joshua tree or a lonely island palm, world travelers can find various amazing trees along their travels. As you can see, they definitely found what they were looking for.”

New York Needs Coyotes: “Coyotes may be wily, even virtually invisible, but they’re changing our cities.”

Can This ‘Drinkable Book’ Improve Public Health? “While earning her doctorate in chemistry at McGill in Montreal, Theresa Dankovich engineered the a system for purifying water by sifting and trapping microscopic bacteria in a filtration system made from heavy-duty paper. The sturdy pulp in The Drinkable Book is laced with silver and copper nanoparticles that are deadly to microbes such as E. coli.”

Santa Monica Gets L.A. County’s First Ever Bike-Share Program: “The wheels are finally turning. L.A. County’s first public bike-share program recently launched in Santa Monica as part of a test run.”


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