Shrunken Traffic Signs Remind You to be Mindful of City Critter Co-Habitants: “The adorable series of shrunken traffic signs serve as a reminder to the residents of the city to take note of its other inhabitants. The agency wanted to bring residents’ attention back to nature that exists (and sometimes even thrives) within the city itself, and perhaps find a little more balance between the human-and-animal inhabitants.”

Scientists study the impact of the drought on California’s giant sequoias: “The giant sequoias of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks have survived beetle infestations, wildfires and extreme weather. Some of these trees have endured for 2,000 to 3,000 years. Will the California drought tip the most massive trees on the planet over the edge?”

California May Be Home to a New Lone Wolf: “The animal was photographed in a forest near Oregon, but state biologists await DNA confirmation. It would be only the second gray wolf known to cross into California since 1924.”

Doug Aitken explains how ‘Station to Station’ became 62 one-minute films, rolled into one: “One train. Ten public cultural happenings. About 4,000 miles of countryside and cityscape. Not to mention a whole lot of art and music created along the way. Visual artist Doug Aitken took to the rails in September 2013 and staged an interactive, roving art show, Station to Station.”

How Walter Segal’s 1970s DIY Community Could Help Solve Today’s Housing Crisis: “In 1979, self-build pioneer Walter Segal had already embraced these progressive concepts in a development known as “Walter’s Way,” an enclave of self-built social housing in southeast London. In this video, London based non-profit The Architecture Foundation steps into the utopia of Walter’s Way, a micro-neighborhood founded on principals of communal living for people of all backgrounds.”


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