LA gets its first look at proposed bridge for mountain lions, wildlife: Project planners released the first details of a proposed wildlife bridge that would cross over 10 lanes of traffic along the 101-Freeway in Agoura Hills. Actor Rainn Wilson makes his case for helping the right type of cougars of Los Angeles cross neighborhoods…

Structural Fabric Weaves Tent Shelters into Communities: A Lexus Design Award recipient, this lightweight, mobile, structural fabric could potentially close the gap between need and desire as people metaphorically weave their lives back together, physically weaving their built environment into a place both new and familiar, transient and rooted, private and connected.

Scientists reveal there are 3tn trees in the world in latest count: Most accurate count to date is over seven times as many as the last estimate – but almost half have been cut down since the start of civilisation, say scientists

California’s Katrina Is Coming: Hurricanes don’t hit NorCal, but these levees are alarmingly susceptible to disaster. If enough were to breach—in an earthquake perhaps, or severe El Niño storm—sea water from San Francisco Bay could rush in, tainting the water supply serving two-thirds of the state. The worst-case scenario could cause up to three years of severely curtailed water for most Californians.

Can This Genius Strategy Stop Big Ag from Dumping Fertilizer Into Drinking Water?: One Iowa utility is sick of sky-high nitrate levels in tap water—so it’s taking action, possibly heralding a new era for the Clean Water Act, the ’70s-era legislation that severely limited pollution from heavy industry but left farms essentially unregulated.


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  1. September 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on Typefiend™ and commented:
    The numbers remaining look big, but human activities have led to the loss of nearly half the world’s trees (45.8%) in short time.


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