Rafael Viñoly reveals plans for the “largest green roof in the world” in Silicon Valley: “Architect Rafael Viñoly has unveiled plans to convert an ageing shopping centre in California’s Silicon Valley into a vast development featuring the world’s largest roof garden.”

This Map Shows When the Heat in Your Town Is Going to Be Most Unbearable: Because we know this has been on everyone’s mind here in SoCal: “Most areas of the U.S. have already passed the date of their average highest annual temperatures. A few, like the California and Pacific Northwest coasts, are suffering through them right now. San Francisco and parts of Hawaii, meanwhile, can expect the average hottest day to arrive sometime next month.”

The 2015 International Year of Soils Quiz: How much do you know about soils? Test your knowledge with this Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations quiz.

Landscape Architects Question Gehry-led Los Angeles River Masterplan: Local landscape architecture professionals have voiced concerns with Gehry’s appointment by the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation. In addition to threatening Congressional approval of the Corps’ billion-dollar-plus Alternative 20 plan due to confusion with this new, unclear planning effort, there is concern about…

In Los Angeles, a Downtown Believer: Clifton’s Cafeteria is scheduled to reopen on Sept. 22 after four years of construction, the rebirth of a historic part of Downtown Los Angeles which brought the outdoor landscape inside for diners to enjoy over the years. The new incarnation will include a speakeasy-style bar with decorations that include fossilized dinosaur eggs and tiki-themed bar which will simulate rain.


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