All photos: Linda Daley

All photos: Linda Daley

Last week the AHBE Lab team shared several of our favorite books of inspiration. In the process of sharing my pick, Image of the City, I was reminded of my love of reading and the printed medium. I considered the various publications I could write about next, but instead I’ve decided I’d share my affinity for books in a different way, offering a glimpse of my collection.

desk corner

Stacks of books lay in corners of my home, ready for me to pick up at a moment’s need for relaxation or reference. A lot of these books do relate to design and our practice in some way, but many others fall outside the realm of my profession.


Freshly purchased books are dispersed among aged ones, many which display bent corners and worn covers from many years of  use. I love those well-worn books the most. Sure, I take advantage of technology, but more than the next iPad or other next generation device, what tops our bucket list is an extensive home library. Someday – no rush – we intend to cross off this item from our list, turning a wish into a reality.

How many of these books are in your own library?


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