Three of us from AHBE spent time in Iceland this summer engaging with its incredible landscapes. My personal goal for the trip was to capture footage for a feature film, Hringvegur, a Kickstarter-funded time-lapse circumnavigation of the island.

Given the nature of the film, it was essentially edited in-camera. But since returning in mid-August, I have been busy editing an audio collage of wild sounds (ambient landscapes, Icelandic top-40 radio, conversations, etc.) and fine-tuning the visuals. This image correction is done using Adobe After Effects – which is you are not familiar – is basically Photoshop over time. Basically, I am going through two hours of raw 4k footage adjusting the image color, lens compensation, position and rotation. While tedious, it it fun to relive the journey frame by frame.

Enjoy this short video of the editing process – from kilometer 678.7 outside of Breiðdalsvík, to our flat tire around 706.9 – about an hour from Egilsstaðir. I hope have my second feature film completed by the end of 2015.


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