All photos: Calvin Abe

All photos: Calvin Abe

Yesterday, I decided to drive over to the industrial area of Downtown Los Angeles, near East LA and the City of Vernon. My office is now located in the central part of Downtown LA after our move from Culver City almost 2 years ago. I can easily say we definitely work in an urban environment. Culver City feels suburban in comparison now.

East Downtown LA

There is so much residential construction and future developments being planned in LA today it’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening. Try walking the streets of Downtown LA now and you’ll experience a renewed energy, youthfulness, and urban diversity that was long absent (the food is great also). However, walking the industrial area after work, I found a wonderful peacefulness and quiet. I can imagine this area becoming the next urban residential enclave in the next 50 years. Just dreaming…

East Downtown LA-2

East Downtown LA-4

East Downtown LA-6

East Downtown LA-7

East Downtown LA-8

East Downtown LA-3


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