Photo by Kelsey Bailey

Photo by Kelsey Bailey

Meet the Insects of L.A. City Hall: “Standing at 450 feet, L.A.’s City Hall is a structural symbol of the growth and prosperity of its time, but to an urban biologist, the grounds surrounding it have a different potential; the opportunity for discovery of our wonderful wildlife.”

Outside the Lines, Too: An Inspired and Inventive Coloring Book by Creative Masterminds: Featuring work from a roster of more than 100 fine artists, graphic artist, illustrators, photographers, street artists, filmmakers, and more, this is a coloring book aimed at the creative set by curator Souris Hong. This Friday MOCA Grand Avenue helps launch the book accompanied with music by Money Mark. 50 of the artists in the book will be on hand to sign copies.

The L.A. River Bends: Garcetti called Gehry’s work “a master plan, in the truest sense of the word,” and added, “To have the Olmsted of our time focusing on this, I think, is extraordinary.” The Olmsted remark did not go over well among landscape architects.”

The Emerald Necklace: A Finnish landscape architect tries to connect the broken pieces of Boston’s Emerald Necklace originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Why We Hug the Edge of Open Spaces: Nikos A. Salingaros points out the human mind seeks the edges of open spaces to feel safe, efficiently helping us orient and create a “mental map” of our surroundings for navigation, reminding designers to integrate directional and navigational information for paths, whether inside or out.


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