The Best Ways to Get to Work, According to Science: “In August, a team of researchers from McGill University published a paper in Transportation Research that asked a seemingly simple question: Which type of commuter endures the most stress: Walkers, transit riders, or drivers?” Hint: Angelenos aren’t going to like the answer.

Public Transportation Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed: “It’s common, if not almost required, for major transit projects in the U.S. to carry promises of traffic relief…There’s just the little problem of the evidence. With few exceptions, studies tend to find limited signs that transit has much of an impact on nearby road congestion.”

Sidewalking: Along the Miracle Mile: Food trucks, public art, a vibrant and organic walking culture — the evolution of Mid-Wilshire mirrors the ongoing transformation of Los Angeles.

As monster El Niño looms, the world rushes to get ready: The world is preparing for a massive El Niño that could be the strongest since 1998. That event led to the deaths of an estimated 20,000 people and caused almost $100 billion of damage. The economic and human cost of this year’s event is already starting to mount.

MacArthur ‘genius’ grant winner creates artificial leaves that photosynthesize: “Yang and his collaborators have created a synthetic leaf that uses the same ingredients as photosynthesis – water, sunlight and carbon dioxide – to produce liquid fuels like methane, butane and acetate. And just like nature’s version of photosynthesis, it releases oxygen into the air.”


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