Photos: Julie An

Photos: Julie An

As a child growing up in the Sunset district of San Francisco, I was very lucky to live within a five-minute walk to Golden Gate Park. About once a week, when my parents had their day off from work, my dad and I would walk together to the park.

Every visit to the Golden Gate Park was exciting and special. Taking in the scenery as we entered the park from the street, my father and I would walk among the the tall Cypress and Eucalyptus trees. On cold mornings, my dad would make two cups of hot cocoa and we would enjoy it sitting on a bench by one of the park’s many lakes. We would also snack on toast and I would tear off the crust to feed the pigeons; the non-crusty portions of bread were reserved for dipping into the hot cocoa. I loved feeding the pigeons and getting close to the cute little squirrels.


I also remember taking field trips the California Academy of Sciences before it was renovated. My family and I would take visiting relatives to Stow Lake where we rented pedal boats for an afternoon on the water. Other favorite spots were the always beautiful Japanese Tea Garden and the Botanic Garden.

But I have to say that my all-time favorite part of Golden Gate Park as a child was Koret Children’s Quarter. In particular, I absolutely loved riding down the concrete slides on a piece of cardboard. To this day, the concrete slides are a timeless favorite of the playground and the park, which I hope will be preserved for many more years to come.


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