CITYSCOPE: Augmented Reality City Simulation: “The platform is a tangible-interactive urban rapid prototyping environment. Users from any background can collaboratively configure the neighborhood with their own vision for land use and density. All the while, users receive real-time feedback of different urban metrics including walkability, energy, daylighting, and trip generation.”

There Are Secret Underwater Gardens Off The Coast Of Italy Where Diver-Farmers Are Growing Vegetables: “Nemo’s Garden is experimenting with an entirely new—and surprisingly successful—type of agriculture.”

LA Kicks Off Program to Retrofit Houses to Catch Thousands of Gallons of Rainwater: “A new project launching today will do just that, outfitting houses (just one at first) with “high- and low-tech” additions like a rain-capturing roof, a giant cistern, and a “rain garden” designed to help store water as well as gradually replenish groundwater, says a release for the pilot.”

Rooftop bug collectors find climate change already affecting species: “A quarter-million bugs later, their data on 1543 species of moths and beetles provides astounding evidence that the we don’t need to wait for 2°C of warming before seeing significant effects of temperature change on the insect community.”

Tomas Saraceno’s Arachnid Orchestra Weaves Terrifying Arrangements: “That subtle tune is normally too quiet for the human ear to hear, but architect, artist, and arachno-phile Tomás Saraceno has spent the last seven years studying spidery behavior to accomplish just that.”


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