The UrbanAir Project: “Urban Air is an artwork that transforms existing urban billboards into living, suspended bamboo gardens. Urban Air reimagines one of the prime symbols of urban commercial messaging as a powerful public/private partnership in service of climate science and the green economy, designed to provoke dialog around urban blight/green space and climate change.”

On Approaching Design Education (the landscape architecture edition) – aka “What I wish I knew when I started school”: “In reality, what I have just listed does not even begin to touch on the complexity of what landscape architects or designers do. It is a practice that involves aesthetics, engineering, environmental consciousness, and an acute knowledge of how to put all those things together in a way that will facilitate use by humans or animals. It seemed much more simple in school.”

The Great Los Angeles Walk: For the tenth year in a row, a group of Angelenos will walk 16 miles together across Los Angeles this Saturday. This year they’ll be starting from Clifton’s Cafeteria and ending the journey at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. Want to join? Here’s everything you need to know.

Cities Are Finally Treating Water As a Resource, Not a Nuisance: “Cities are beginning to embrace a worldwide trend in urban retrofitting — layering new infrastructure on top of old to help cities weather climate change. In many places, that includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions: shifting to cleaner energy, making buildings more efficient and improving public transit. For cities facing increased threats from floods and droughts, it also means adapting to a changing world by finding new ways to manage water.”

Looking for Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles: “Judith Freeman traces Raymond Chandler’s early days in Los Angeles and his introduction to Cissy Pascal, the much older, very beautiful woman who would later become his wife.  This chapter is excerpted from Freeman’s 2007 book The Long Embrace: Raymond Chandler and the Woman He Loved, which Janet Fitch described as “part biography, part detective story, part love story, and part séance.”


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