Green-roofed, Off-grid Austrian Microhome Filters Greywater for Reuse: We don’t see many tiny houses with green roofs, but Austria’s Wohnwagon (translated as “living wagon”) demonstrates that it can be done. Outfitted with distinctive, rounded ends and round porthole windows, the solar-powered tiny home also boasts its own water filtration system that cleans greywater for reuse — using marsh plants on its roof.

These Parks Are Reclaiming Ugly Urban Underpasses as Public Space: Manhattan’s rails-to-trails High Line sparked a global trend of turning old transit infrastructure into parks. But a new breed of public spaces aren’t waiting for the transportation around them to stop running—they’re transforming the ground below the still-active elevated tracks.

Indulge in Your Feels at Glade’s Museum of Feelings: The brand unveiled a pop-up experience for your eyes, ears, nose, and hands. A walk-in kaleidoscope. An LED jellyfish forest. A cloud room. All to jar you from your daily doldrums—and each with a smell themed to the room. This is scent manufacturer Glade’s Museum of Feelings, brought to life by creative firm Radical Media, and open in Financial District’s Brookfield Place in Manhattan until December 15th.

For Thanksgiving, Some Positive Environmental News to Share Around the Table: Some positive news for the holiday weekend – Thanksgiving is the one national holiday that has avoided being despoiled by excessive commercialization. It is a time when families and friends gather to appreciate one another and be thankful.

Real or Fake? Drought intensifies debate over Christmas trees’ eco-friendliness: The question of which tree is more environmentally friendly — real or artificial? — is resurrected each Christmas season. But the discussion has gained urgency as California limps through a third year of drought. The debate now hinges on whether plastic trees give the environment a break because they don’t soak up a scarce resource, water.


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