Black Beach

I was asked the other day by an old friend if I was retired. “No,” I replied.

Apparently he’d fallen under the false impression after seeing some of my recent Facebook posts where I shared my photography from various travel locations like Iceland, Japan, and some of the U.S. National Parks. Two years ago, I was looking at my vacation backlog and noticed I had accumulated several weeks of vacation time. I probably had several months since the office has an upside limit. Well, I decided maybe it was time to travel.

I have a great young senior staff at AHBE, and I knew they could manage without me on short excursions. I was also attending the Photography Boot Camp at the Creative Photo Academy in Torrance for fun at around the same time. I thought, “Why not learn to take better photographs on my trips?”. It was during this class I discovered what photography was all about.

Dry Lake of Folsom

My photographic journey over the last couple of years has been transformative. What I’ve been discovering as I’ve taken my camera around the world and brought it along with me here in Los Angeles is that photography is an exploration similar to design. For example, whenever I design a new park, community garden, or urban street corner the process includes the fundamental ideas of composition, color and texture, rhythm and pattern. These concepts also drive me as I make photographs.

My experience in making photographs gives me a sense of creative focus akin to sitting over a drawing table and beginning to sketch out design ideas. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, but the creative experience is almost the same. The major difference is I can come home and make a print to complete the photographic process, while the building of a garden can sometimes take years to complete.

Here are a few recent images that express my interest in photographic design:

Bryce Canyon

Death Valley

Moss Fields of Iceland

Mt Whitney

Sierra Nevada

Stand of Hokkaido

Zion Canyon



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  1. November 30, 2015

    Wow, nice eye for composition!


  2. Ksnakaba #
    December 1, 2015

    Beautiful and inspiring photography! Your creativity flows consistently in your designs and your photography.


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