The Ghost Streets of Los Angeles: Google Maps overhead satellite view reveals streets of Los Angeles nearly erased, but still visible. “I love the idea that the buildings seen here take their form from a lost street—that an old throughway since scrubbed from the surface of Los Angeles has reappeared in the form of contemporary architectural space.”

A Year of Pollinators – Native Bees: A site dedicated to the observations of plants and pollinators of all of the native bees visiting the garden of a Rogue River, Oregon couple – aka The Amateur Anthecologist. He loves plants, she loves the animals.

Climate change dogs efforts to save SoCal valley oaks: “While world leaders are in Paris discussing ways to limit future green house gas emissions, others are thinking about what they can do to mitigate the effects of climate change in their backyard.”

Riding A Bike At Night Just Got Easier With This New Device That Prevents Painful Spills: In an effort to help bicyclists avoid these accidents, a group of Chinese researchers from Sichuan University developed a brilliant innovation called, “The Lumigrid”, an LED grid of light projected onto the ground in front of the cyclist.

O Tannenbaum, how sustainable are thy branches?: This is a personal endorsement, as we’ve picked up our very own Noble Fir from Santa & Sons in the San Fernando Valley, the only Socially and Environmentally Responsible Farms program Christmas tree dealer in Los Angeles. “No matter how they’re operated, Christmas tree farms tend to have a low impact on the environment, because the crop spends years in the ground and trees tend to be grown in rainy areas that don’t require irrigation. Yet many tree farms do use pesticides to fend off damaging insects, as well as synthetic fertilizers.”


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