Das Miniatur Wunderland auf Google Maps: Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany is the largest continuous train set in the world, and Google has mapped its miniature urban landscape just like any other city and turned it into a Google Map.

2015: The Year Recycled Water Became Cool: Dozens of California water agencies in 2015 opened recycled water “fill stations,” allowing customers to collect treated wastewater in jugs and tanks for free. It helped drought-weary residents maintain parched landscaping, and it also eased recycled water’s ill-deserved “yuck factor”

The Inequality of Sidewalks: “Kate Lowe, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has illustrated in a study of New Orleans how racial disparities across cities are reflected in resources as basic as the sidewalk…Neighborhoods with higher poverty rates were less likely to have continuous sidewalks.”

7 Picturesque Public Parks Soon To Sprout Around The World: New York City, Singapore, South Korea, Toronto, Taiwan, and Mexico City are all going to be welcoming a whole new generation of public parks with innovate features and reusing once abandoned or neglected sections of their respective city.

Why Copenhagen Is Building Parks That Can Turn Into Ponds: “Just a few years ago, this square was paved with asphalt and dominated by parked cars — a small grassy area was used more as a toilet for dogs than as a park. Now, it’s the cornerstone of a plan to make the surrounding area of Saint Kjelds into what planners here are calling the world’s first “climate-resilient neighborhood.”


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