Plant Geometry: A Design Study, by Karina Sharpe

Plant Geometry: A Design Study, by Karina Sharpe

Plant Geometry: A Design Study: Photographer Karina Sharpe: “This photographic series is an artistic design study of plants as if they were objects with a fixed way of being. I asked myself what it would look like to create a geometric drawing of a plant – to create a permanent record of something, which by nature, has no permanency.”

Something Cool To Do At Every Stop on the Metro Red Line: LA Weekly’s Liz Ohanesian takes readers along the route of the Los Angeles Metro Red Line and offers museums, shops, restaurants, and civic destinations dotting from Downtown to the San Fernando Valley.

This Real-Time Map Tracks Pedestrians and Bikes in New York’s Union Square: Watch New Yorkers hurry across Union Square in real-time. Placemeter’s live map tracks pedestrian and bike activity in one of the city’s busy intersections.

Winter heat wave sets new records in California: It’s beach weather through the weekend. Yo, what happened to El Niño ? “While forecasters still say El Niño storms are likely, Southern California has been kept dry by masses of high pressure sitting southwest of California, and on top of Southern California and Nevada. This type of system repels storms.”

Building for Exclusion: Metropolis editor-in-chief Susan S. Szenasy brings up the question, “Can we afford to leave massive groups of people out of urban regeneration?”, a question relevant to Los Angeles in the face of mounting gentrification. “I keep thinking about the textures, colors, smells, and sights produced by the amazing variety of people we come across in teeming cities such as Valencia, Mumbai, and my hometown. Without these men, women, children, and pets, urban street life is a dull affair. Yet this is what those involved in massive re-urbanization seem to have forgotten.”


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