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Uber: What Juicy Couture did for the velour tracksuit, Uber has done for the hybrid car. This ridesharing app has infuriated cabbies and baffled ecologists since June of 2010. The controversial company has increased viability and sales of several hybrid and electric auto brands, such as the Ford Fusion, Toyota Avalon, and Chevy Volt. With newer and more efficient cars on the road to use through Uber many older gas guzzling cars are being recycled and retired. UberPool allows ridesharing with an element of carpooling added into the mix, meaning you can split your ride with another person who is traveling along a similar route as you, AND you split the fee.

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Walk Score: This app measures how close an address is to parks, stores, entertainment, and more. Over the past five years higher Walk Scores have contributed to higher property values – which mean higher taxes – but also mean more parks and green space, which mean a higher Walk Score.

Waze: The app every car commuting Angeleno seems to swear by. Waze navigates drivers around traffic problems in real time, helping users minimize idling for hours in gridlock, and in turn decreasing local smog. And maybe when users see that continuous long strip of red (also known as the 101 freeway) on their app screen one too many times, it might prove enough of an impetus to convince them to take public transportation next time.

Creative Commons Photo by sⓘndy°

Creative Commons Photo by sⓘndy°

Amazon Prime: Traditional shopping requires products to be shipped from overseas to a central warehouse, distributed to local retail store, where employees and consumers both drive. Using Amazon Prime, customers order products from a large central warehouse which are shipped directly to their door, sometimes the very same day, and usually at a price lower than a brick and mortar store…all without the headache of circling around for a parking spot.

Seafood Watch: Developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this app helps consumers and businesses make better informed choices about their seafood. The app notes how each is fished or farmed, rating them for their environmental impact. There are healthy recipes, and you can go to participating restaurants where a portion of your bill will be donated towards sustainable efforts.

Matchup: An app that connects people who use fitness tracker products such as the Fitbit, Misfit, or Up. Matchup is a great technological social tool to help motivate and help fellow users compete in live challenges like, “bike to work week.”


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