104-Acre Park in South LA Getting Huge 18-Year Makeover: “Big changes are on the way for Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park, now that the LA County Board of Supervisors has approved an ambitious plan to renovate and expand the already very large park starting in 2018. The six-phase project includes the construction of an amphitheater, event center, reflecting pool, and state-of-the-art sports complex, among many other amenities.”

Interview With a Modern-Day Independent Mapmaker: “Tom Harrison, a California-based cartographer, explains how he collects information and makes his maps, and why he doesn’t hire anyone to help him.”

What Happened to the Great Urban Design Projects?: “American infrastructure is deferred home maintenance on a massive scale. We just keep putting it off until something major — and often catastrophic — happens, and then it ends up costing twice as much as it would have had we taken care of it proactively. This is a bad strategy — yet it’s the strategy that seems to define United States infrastructure.”

72 Seasons – A Year of Nature, Food and Tradition Seen Through the Ancient Japanese Calendar: “Japan has four beautiful seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The rich expressions of each season color our lives throughout the year, and historically the Japanese have paid special attention to the seasons and their influence on daily life since olden times. The origins of that can be found in the ancient 24 season calendar.”

How Would LA County Residents Spend $120 Billion for Transportation?: “Here is our official proposal for LA Metro’s proposed 2016 ballot measure, anticipated to provide at least $120 billion for transportation over 40 years. Beginning with our first “straw man” in 2014, this proposal has literally been revised more than 50 times as the result of countless conversations, consultations and reconciliations of the priorities of our coalition partners and members of communities.”


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