Little Green Thumbs: “The Farming Kindergarten in Dong Nai Province in Vietnam is a place where children can learn the importance of agriculture and their relationship with nature. Set on a triangular site adjacent to a shoe factory, the building loops in and over itself with Möbius-like conviction, stopping just short of completing its circuit, as if the ouroboros in the end lost its appetite.”

The Past, the Present and the Pedways: “Thus was born the pedway: a mid-block phenomenon that connects buildings above the street. Though it is contrary to modern urban thinking which stresses placing people on the ground level to activate the streets, the system took root in certain portions of Bunker Hill and the Historic Core.“

Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours: From 11:30pm till 3am, Angelenos are invited to revel well into the night at The Music Center with DJs, dancing, eye-opening video installations, delightful activities and sonic sculptures strewn throughout the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Saving Water Is So Hot Right Now in Landscape Design: “Every February, The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) asks hundreds of landscape architects around the U.S. to forecast the trends in outdoor design for the coming year. The point of the survey is to look beyond industry insider buzz and figure out what designers’ clients are actually asking for. This year’s results are in, and they show people are overwhelmingly concerned with water conservation.”

What Will the Future of L.A. Traffic Look Like?: ”Last fall, the agency received a massive list of projects — with an estimated cost as high as $273 billion. Since then, staffers have been culling the list based on projected ridership and other performance criteria. We don’t know exactly what’s on the list, but we can make an informed guess. Here is what the MTA calls its “shovel-ready” projects.”


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