L.A., which do you LOVE? “Grand Park will pilot the installation of a permanent shade structure featuring the design of a local artist at the Park for Everyone in Downtown Los Angeles.Your responses will help the selection committee decide which shade submission will be built in Olive Court – the gathering area between the fountain and the Performance Lawn.” Take the quick survey and help pick a winner.

Tree Planting Drones: A U.K.-based startup run by a former NASA engineer, is on a mission to fight industrial-scale deforestation using drones and 3-D maps in the hopes of planting 36,000 seeds a day at a cost of just 15 percent of traditional methods.

California’s Drought-Plagued Reservoirs Are Making a Comeback: Thanks to this so-called “March Miracle” weather, Shasta and Oroville (the state’s two largest reservoirs) have finally exceeded their historical average levels for this date, according to the state’s Department of Water Resources. And the waters could continue rising in the weeks ahead.

LA residents may have to pay for their own sidewalk repairs: “To deal with crumbling sidewalks in Los Angeles, city lawmakers have an idea: property owners should fit the bill for future repairs, themselves.”

Jean Nouvel’s Cyprus tower is a pixelated, perforated plant paradise: “The tower is a blend of modern design and that little something extra that only nature can provide. The multi-use building contains ten stories of apartments, six stories of office space, and a two-story retail area, resulting in a bustling center for activity near the city’s busy Eleftheria Square, which in itself is an incredible design project.”


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