An urban coyote spied in Bernal Heights, California. Creative Commons photo.

An urban coyote spied in Bernal Heights, California. Creative Commons photo.

City Says Coyotes Are Here to Stay; Some Citizens Howl: “To some, the skulking canidae are actually pretty cute, and we could call them the ultimate force of anti-gentrification. Although the Humane Society says there has only been one recorded instance of a coyote killing a human being in the United States, close encounters still scare the bejeezus out of some people.”

Hollywood Versus the Freeway: Construction lasted seven years (1947-54) and cost $55 million. Nearly half went toward right-of-way acquisition, which involved the relocation of 1,728 buildings and the demolition of another 90. When the final link of the ten-mile freeway opened in 1954, an ancient transportation corridor had entered modern times, but it had also opened urban wounds that are only now beginning to heal.

19 Words That Mean Something Different To L.A. Drivers: Silly, amusing, and mostly true – a list of observations about what it means and feels like to drive in Los Angeles.

Measuring income along L.A.’s Metro stations: “The income level around Metro stations can go from twice the amount of Los Angeles County’s median income to well below in a matter of a few stops. We decided to look at median household income levels along all the lines to get a clearer picture of who’s being served. While not a perfect measure, looking at income levels along the Los Angeles Metro stations offers a look at how income is distributed.”

An Emotional Map Of The City, As Captured Through Its Sounds: “The idea behind Chatty Maps, a new sound mapping project from a Yahoo research lab in Barcelona [is] unlike other projects that map cities by sound, Chatty Maps isn’t measuring volume or ranking neighborhoods as noisy or quiet. Instead, it shows the city across a spectrum of different sounds—as well as the emotions we associate them with.”


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