Here’s a First Look at the Finalists Vying to Redesign Downtown LA’s Pershing Square: “Here’s the first look at the four final designs by Agence Ter and team, James Corner Field Operations with Fredrick Fischer and Partners, SWA and Morphosis, and wHY and Civitas for LA’s Pershing Square. Angelenos are being invited to comment on the finalists’ proposals over the next few weeks as Pershing Square Renew, a collection of designers, business leaders, and officials civic leaders, seeks to redevelop the centrally-located, five-acre square at the heart of Downtown LA.”

The Getty Salad Garden: An Installation of Organic Heirloom Vegetables and Salad Greens: “The Getty Salad Garden, an installation of organic heirloom vegetables and salad greens growing in graphically rendered raised beds, emerged on the Getty Center grounds from October 2015 to January 2016.”

Getting Back to Nature With W.N.G.D.: One of our team – a person who shall go unnamed – pointed out people across the globe are encouraged on the first Saturday of May to tend their garden sans clothing,  “as nature intended”. Whether he/she observes this holiday is better left unsaid.

VegFest L.A: You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate Los Angeles offers some of the best plant-based dining options in the nation, if not the world. VegFest L.A. is a vegan immersive experience held in Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley, a fun green-powered festival where healthy living, the environment, animals, and the drought-friendly practice of veganism is celebrated.

The Stories of Harriet Pattison, Landscape Architect and Companion of Louis Kahn: “We know much about Louis Kahn. The Estonian-born (tsarist Russian at the time) American architect based in Philadelphia built his career on monumental buildings that often used exposed reinforced concrete. We know about his life and relationships, explored in his son Nathaniel Kahn’s 2003 documentary, My Architect. But what of Nathaniel’s mother, Harriet Pattison, who was a colleague, friend, and romantic companion of Kahn later in his life until his sudden death?”


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