How Planting Trees Helped This Ex-Offender Turn His Life Around: “The documentary ‘City of Trees’ follows an organization that connects park revitalization and green job training for residents shut out of the workforce.”

Take a Stroll Beneath These 9 Natural Tree Tunnels: “Tree tunnels are perfect examples of how nature can be shaped over many years by humans and other external influences. When paths and roads are carved into the ground, nearby trees bend outward into the new patch of light to receive more energy for photosynthesis. This process continues until the tree branches on either side completely overlap, forming a thick ceiling over the pathway beneath.”

Suzanne Paulson is always looking for ways to help Los Angeles—and the world—breathe a little easier: “One way to improve air quality at street level is by getting vehicular emissions to disperse away from the ground. On that subject, Paulson recently co-authored a study—funded by the California Air Resources Board—to be published in the May edition of Science of the Total Environment. Its main finding? Buildings and open spaces make big difference in air quality on the ground.”

A New Map for America: “America is reorganizing itself around regional infrastructure lines and metropolitan clusters that ignore state and even national borders. The problem is, the political system hasn’t caught up.”

Future forecasting: Landscape Architects Might Save the World: “…the diversity and scale of work in landscape architecture is huge, and the mix of skills and expertise required shows real promise for dealing with the pressing issues facing Australian cities. Whether climate change or urbanisation, population growth or densification, landscape architects have ideas for how to make our future cities liveable, workable and beautiful.”


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