Photograph © Danilo Dungo

Photograph © Danilo Dungo

Cherry Blossoms Flood the Inokashira Park Lake in Tokyo: “Every spring, photographer Danilo Dungo spends time at Inokashira Park in Tokyo, famous for its abundance of blooming cherry trees. The photographer has become a master at capturing the event from all angles, especially with aerial shots that show the pink flowers covering the nearby lake.”

Metro Expo Line opens to Santa Monica: “It has been more than six decades, but passenger rail is finally returning to the gridlocked Westside. Metro’s Expo Line extension opens today and will run from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica.”

How do trees go to sleep? “Most living organisms adapt their behavior to the rhythm of day and night. Now, using laser scanners, scientists are studying the day-night rhythm of trees. As it turns out, trees go to sleep too.”

Shuttle linking Gold Line to San Gabriel Mountains National Monument may end soon: “On April 9, Duarte launched its shuttle, using funds from state transportation bonds. The Duarte Green shuttle runs between the trailhead at 3901 Fish Canyon Road and the Gold Line station on Duarte Road just west of Highland Avenue every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the hour and the half hour…the shuttle service is scheduled to conclude at the end of the month.”

Sunset quality forecasting: “Forget temperature and rain weather forecasts. I want to know when the sunset will look really good in a picture. Good thing SunsetWx now exists. It predicts “sunset quality” based on a mix of meteorlogical factors.”


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