This Sunday at the Los Angeles Central Library, Mark Taper Auditorium:  "This is Los Angeles — Movies Made By and About the City"

This Sunday at the Los Angeles Central Library, Mark Taper Auditorium: “This is Los Angeles — Movies Made By and About the City”

This is Los Angeles – Movies made by and about the city: “From the 1920s through the 1990s, Los Angeles city departments created movies and videos for their own internal use. City Archivist Michael Holland presents a visual tour of lesser-known Los Angeles via these “home movies” and videos, rarely intended for public consumption. Join Michael for a chance to see the city from the inside out!”

Your Workout Data Might Be Helping Cities Build Safer Streets: “Now some cities and companies are experimenting with technology to record that information — which can be crucial in helping design or improve bike and pedestrian paths. And transportation planners are turning to data from apps that cyclists and runners use to track themselves.”

North American Bird Species Face Thirty Percent Decline Across Seasons: “Earlier this week, Audubon scientists published a study in Ecosphere revealing that one-third of wintering North American bird populations have declined since 1966.”

Why are we putting batteries in everything? Keep it simple and give us a good solid affordable e-bike: “…it seems tech companies want to make walking obsolete. There are even electric backpacks and unicycles. Some of them are nuts and others dangerous, and even illegal. And while I am a bit obsessed with this MovPak, I do not think it is going to be the Next Big Thing in transportation. This standup Cycleboard doesn’t make much sense either. What’s wrong with a bike?”

A Warmer, Fuzzier Los Angeles: “In today’s cities streets not only facilitate movement but provide ‘places’ to gather, to congregate, to sit, to watch, and to interact. Here, we see what Los Angeles is seeking to reclaim: not just public transit but also a more ambitious social idea — a sense of the street, of place.”


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