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A few weeks ago I wrote about our office’s ongoing photographic exploration of Los Angeles. My own photographic adventure began when I thought about what defined my own definition of Los Angeles: the numerous small businesses that in sum make up the architectural landscape of our city. Angelenos experience and share their culture through the foods, goods, and services offered at these endless number of neighborhood stores and restaurants.

During my assignment I walked through different neighborhoods documenting with my disposable camera the various storefronts that make each neighborhood unique. I witnessed local residents gathering to buy fruit at the neighborhood store, picking up their daily newspaper or a fresh chicken for the evening’s dinner, observing the everyday activities of a community. At the heart of each area, these small business proved integral in creating walkable neighborhoods, helping establish a deep sense of community among their local residents – an essential component in a city as sprawling, expansive, and culturally diverse as Los Angeles.

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  1. Duane #
    June 21, 2016

    Nice article Wendy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wendy Chan #
      June 21, 2016

      Thank you Duane!


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