Coldplay’s Latest Music Video Is an Architect’s Dream: “While the song itself — a soft, melodic tune with a soaring chorus — is entirely what you would expect from the British indie group, the accompanying video is astonishing, in no small part due to surreal architectural set pieces that span the gamut of urban imagery.”

​​​​​​​Why Some People Find Crowded Cities Relaxing—And Others Don’t: “The researchers discovered that neurotic people found “high-anxiety” situations to be more calming for their minds. In another experiment, Newman and Brucks ran a soothing ocean wave soundtrack followed by a tape of honking horns. Surprise: neurotics didn’t find the blare of taxi cab horns annoying. Actually, they found it rather satisfying.”

A Park Like No Other for an LA in Constant Flux: “California’s ongoing drought, now in its fifth year, has changed the way residents of the Golden State consume, conserve, and lay claim to water. Now, with evidence mounting that the state’s drought is here to stay, it’s influencing the design of major architecture projects, as well.”

The Story Behind Los Angeles’ Beautiful, Ephemeral Jacaranda Blooms: “Vladimir Nabokov is said to have claimed that he could live in Los Angeles simply for the jacaranda trees. There were 148,530 jacaranda trees in the city, as of 2010. Mature jacaranda trees can reach 25 to 45 feet, with an oval canopy spread almost as wide as its height.”

Dutch City Makes the Most of Its Park, and Its History: “For his installation at this year’s Sonsbeek, a multidisciplinary public art exhibition in the Dutch city of Arnhem, Kevin van Braak built a woodworking shop and invited 25 other artists to make furniture and sculptures to be placed inside the city park.”


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