Photo by Heejae Lee

Photo by Heejae Lee

Occasionally, I’ll find a landscape furniture catalog in my mailbox in the morning. These type of catalogs are always a welcome treat, as I enjoy flipping through the pages while sipping my morning coffee, browsing through the pages of various materials and forms of furniture, all the while visualizing how each piece could fit into one of my projects.

Image 2_Mid-Century Outdoor SpaceAs landscape architects, we’re perpetually designing with human interaction in mind. Landscape projects are imagined both from a site-wide perspective and also at the human-scale, each equally as important to a project as a well-curated plant palette. In many ways I see a strong correlation between the basic principles of furniture design and landscape design. Balance, symmetry, rhythm, material, construction, proportion, and scale – all elements used in combination to create unique pieces of functional art within either field.

One of my favorite design events in Los Angeles is coming to town this weekend. Dwell on Design is an annual design exhibition and conference which celebrates the craft of design in various scales and professions, from architecture, to landscape, to furniture design. With an outdoor design section and over 2,000 modern furnishings and products, I am thrilled to see the progressive ideas and new designs that will inspire me on my own design journey.

Image 4_Dwell Sign Image 5_Dwell Exhibit


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