Image: Gehry Partners LLC

Image: Gehry Partners LLC

Facebook’s New Gehry Building Includes the World’s Least Functional Bike Bridge: Yay or nay? “This week, Facebook presented the first renderings for its next big expansion to Menlo Park’s city council…So in addition to two giant office buildings (#21 and #22), there will be a 200-room hotel, a park slicing through the two buildings, and a bike bridge that will allow people to travel through the complex to access a bayside trail (which had previously been closed off).”

8th Annual Design-n-Dim Sum Ride: “This year’s route begins at the studio of extremely talented artist and furniture designer Matt Gagnon, followed by a stop at landscape architect, urban planner and conservation advocate Mia Lehrer’s new LA River digs, and a final stop before dim sum at what Bloomberg recently called “the most interesting gallery in LA right now,” 356 Mission.”

The “Future of Suburbia,” according to MIT: “They believe that suburbia is fundamentally OK. They maintain that when people have options, they will usually choose to live in a single-family home in the suburbs, and for intellectuals to resist this is classist and perverse. Validators point out (correctly) that the much-hyped urban revival we keep reading about is mostly limited to affluent white Gen Xers and Millennials. At the conference, economist Jed Kolko analyzed recent census data to show that on the whole, America continues to suburbanize.”

The basics of defensible space and the “home ignition zone”: With a wickedly hot La Niña summer predicted, preparing for fire seems a necessity across California. “The primary goal for Firewise landscaping is fuel reduction — limiting the amount of flammable vegetation and materials surrounding the home and increasing the moisture content of remaining vegetation. Within this 200 foot area, there are three zones…”

Landscape Permutations: An Experiment in Place and Space: “David Semeniuk‘s Landscape Permutations project is an ongoing exploration of “how spaces and places are experienced, remembered, and represented.” Semeniuk uses images of his hometown, Red Deer, Alberta, and recombines them to imagine a different hypothetical reality of spatial layouts.”


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