All photos by Gary Lai

All photos by Gary Lai

Our AHBE colleague Wendy Chan is leading an art installation project called, Capturing Los Angeles in 27 Exposures.Each of us were given disposable cameras with instructions to take pictures that illustrate what Los Angeles means to us. I decided I would take a trip on the Metro to Olvera Street.

Ficus tree at plaza - 1

I can imagine the native Angeleno’s scoff from here. Sure, Olvera Street has a deserved reputation as a kitschy tourist trap, but to me – a history buff – it’s the historical heart of Los Angeles. It was one of the first places I visited with my native Angeleno spouse when we moved here nearly a decade ago. The Mission, the last pueblo, the Chinese American Museum, Union Station and Philippe’s are all within easy walking distance. Allrepresent example of the different eras in Los Angeles history and represents the diversity of this great city. Olvera Street is where I fell in love with LA.

Mural-blessing of the animals - 6 Olvera St booth2 - 4
Olvera Street booth1 - 2


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