Photo: National Park Service

See Mountain Lion Kittens Just Discovered in the Santa Susana Mountains: Say hello to the two female kittens P-48 and P-49 (the “P” stands for Puma), the two males P-50 and P-52, and one female known as P-51. Love the hissing!

A letter from 2056: Utopian L.A. is where everyone wants to live: “Remember the movie “Her”? That’s what Los Angeles is like in 2056. L.A. is the densest city in the U.S., with a population that’s about a third larger than it was in 2016. Taller buildings are everywhere, including New DTLA — a corridor of super-talls that runs the length of Wilshire all the way to Santa Monica…”

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year has been named! Winners announced! Explore the prize-winning photos as chosen by National Geographic, and download them to use as computer desktop wallpapers. Share your favorite pictures with your friends and see the judges top picks.

After more than a year of renovating, curtain rises on Burbank’s Johnny Carson Park: “One of Burbank’s most utilized parks is open again to the public after being closed for more than a year while crews took on an extensive, $3.7-million renovation. The 17.6-acre Johnny Carson Park opened in recent days after its first major renovation in nearly 40 years.”

The Oldest Surviving Los Angeles Restaurants… A Master List of the Vintage, Historic and Old School: With over over 400 places listed, this collection of offbeat Los Angeles eateries begins from 1905, cataloging everything from classic steakhouses, Googie diners, pastrami delicatessens, walk-up hamburger stands and more.


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