Wetlands are nature’s resiliency plans, and according to the EPA the ecosystem services they provide are valued at billions of dollars. What if the 50 acre AES Redondo Beach Power Plant property currently up for sale was restored to a wetland?

Acting as natural mechanism for protection against pollution, flood and erosion, wetlands are workhorses when it comes to ecosystem services. They also provide biological diversity, fish, and wildlife habitat, while also recharging increasingly valuable groundwater. Importantly, they can also help buffer the effects of sea level rise. The City of Redondo Beach has been debating what to do with the closure of the natural gas-fired power plant for years and I believe the natural answer is to construct a wetland.

Kayakers at Los Cerritos Wetlands. Photo courtesy of Tidal Influence

Kayakers at Los Cerritos Wetlands. Photo courtesy of Tidal Influence



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  1. Matthew Udewitz #
    February 7, 2017

    This property with its large size over 50 acres could hold 3 Kelly Slater Wave Pools. That means there would be an endless wave 24/7 in Redondo Beach. Where we are known for our surf in the winter but very little ride-able surf in the summer. This new proposal could be accompanied by open space, hotel, offices, and residences. However, this issue is that the city would have to approve the density of the project. The wave pools are not cheap. They could be built out of recycled cement from the AES project.

    In addition, you could put a plunge, a large enclosed pool also on the site and it could hold on top of it a large wave pool. The plunge could be built as a Roman Bath House. Open to the public that could hold 10,000 patrons.

    Each wave pool operates several hours on and then several hours of rest or down time. During the downtime the wave pools would function as community pools open to the public.

    If you had some office and multifamily density you could make viewing facilities of the wave pools by reporters from Nickelodeon, to Surfline, to Disney, ESPN, to running entire live coverage of the competitions and general rides by the public. Showcases the days hottest rides, bloopers, and all stars.

    The wave pool would pump out 8 foot to 12 foot waves that would last a good minute plus each ride. Better than what you get any day at the best rides in the South Bay.

    With the development of the wavepool Residents of Redondo Beach could have special access hours. Hotel guests and visitors could have separate hours. In addition, you could even have wave rights at the pool transfer with title on a house. For example every resident over the age of 18 in Redondo Beach gets a ride on the wavepool for free. Every so often. There are about 80,000 residents. It runs a wave per minute. 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year…that is over 500k rides a year and only 20% would take care of 1 ride per resident to go with the title on your home. That would be a vote getter!

    The people have expressed they want a park. This is a park plus. In addition it makes a great sports location for the Olympics in LA.


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