Enrique Peñalosa, mayor of Bogotá, Columbia, inspired an app designed to succeed where Apple and Google have come up short.

Enrique Peñalosa, mayor of Bogotá, Columbia, inspired an app designed to succeed where Apple and Google have come up short.

The Transit App Is Attempting to On Up Google and Apple at the Map Game:
A small team in Montreal has taken on Apple and Google’s respective map apps with a cleaner, more functional transit map. Transit App shows users the nearest public-transit options and real-time arrivals and departures, all displayed with beautifully curved multimodal maps.

Why landscape architects are the urban designers of tomorrow: “If we view the city as a canvas, then landscape architects are increasingly called in to be the decorators hired to meet the demands of a very tough client. Parks and green space, beyond their environmental benefits, are seen as ways to tie together disparate neighborhoods, fuel further development, mitigate discrimination, and serve as a symbol to the creative class that a city is modern, progressive and livable. In concert with urban planners and others, landscape architects are increasingly making important contributions to the how our cities look and function.”

Amsterdam Road Tests a Pollution-Zapping Flower: “Dutch engineer Ton van Oostwaard pitched a radical vision for fighting pollution in the city. The founder of the Dutch environmental organization MyEarth, van Oostwaard described how a “supercharged” honeysuckle, planted alongside Amsterdam’s busiest roads, could suck up pollution particles from the air and create “a future-proof landscape for generations to come.”

DIY Vertical Box Planter Garden: Inspired by a smaller IKEA garden piece, Jonathan Lo of blog Happy Mundane designed and built his own version using pre-made redwood planter boxes at the local hardware store to create a backyard patio piece for growing and displaying succulents and other outdoor varieties.

“Cyborg Ecologies” and New Ways to Look at Nature: “As an associate professor of Landscape Architectural Technology and director of the GSD’s Master in Landscape Architecture Program, Cantrell runs experiments like these to better understand the natural elements that make up his profession’s palette. But by using computational methods to analyze and even redesign nature, he’s also breaking new ground in the field. Cantrell’s work blurs the lines among environmental engineering, landscape architecture, and artificial intelligence.”


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