Barnegat Bay Remade, New Jersey. [SCAPE via Rebuild by Design]

Barnegat Bay Remade, New Jersey. [SCAPE via Rebuild by Design]

From Architecture to Landscape – The Case for a New Landscape Science: “Alexander Felson, Nelson Byrd Woltz, Sean Burkholder, Teresa Gali-Izard, Quilian Riano, and Michael Geffel are among the many practitioners and scholars who are transgressing the bounds of landscape architecture, adapting methods from fields as diverse as conservation biology and quantum mechanics, as they pursu­e more syncretic ways of understanding and shaping environments.”

Meet The Architect Who Is Radically Rethinking How We Age: “Inspired by the natural progression of growing older, the tower would accommodate people through every stage of life, interweaving spaces devoted to, say, education with those designed for older people who need instant access to health care professionals to create a more diverse, socially engaging community for all ages.”

Can a Public University Fix a City’s Achilles Heel?: “In Los Angeles, we’re going to find out. UCLA has issued a Grand Challenge: “achieving sustainability in energy and water while enhancing ecosystem health in Los Angeles County by 2050.” And more than 150 faculty members, researchers, and other scholars making up an entity called Sustainable LA Grand Challenge have committed to helping the university—and our city—succeed.”

“Living Shorelines” Will Get Fast Track to Combat Sea Level Rise: “As sea levels rise along U.S. coasts, it may soon get easier for people and local governments to obtain federal permits to build what are known as “living shorelines,” natural or nature-based structures designed to protect communities and infrastructure from extreme storms and flooding even as they protect habitat.”

Amsterdam Road Tests a Pollution-Zapping Flower: “Dutch engineer Ton van Oostwaard pitched a radical vision for fighting pollution in the city. The founder of the Dutch environmental organization MyEarth, van Oostwaard described how a “supercharged” honeysuckle, planted alongside Amsterdam’s busiest roads, could suck up pollution particles from the air and create “a future-proof landscape for generations to come.”

LA River from Isohale on Vimeo.


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