The World’s Most Creative Neighborhoods: “A survey of the most creative neighborhoods in ten rapidly growing cities around the world.”

How redesigning crosswalks could make cities safer: “What we wanted to do was think about making [crosswalks] into a park-like space. We tried to develop edges, almost like a trim, a piece of park. A series of connected pieces that link streets from one block to another to larger green spaces. You’re taking that green space and pulling it into the street.”

One Surprising Secret Weapon Against Natural Disasters? Landscape Architecture: “In an era when cities are ravaged by drought, flooding, wildfires, and more, infrastructure projects tend to get most of the attention when it comes to resiliency. But good landscape design can be powerful, too. This week, the American Society of Landscape Architects, or ASLA, published an an online guide designed to help its members plan for, and even prevent, the worst.”

Plans Filed for Mixed-Use Complex Near L.A. River: “Yet another new project has been proposed for the Arts District. According to plans filed with the Department of City Planning, a proposed development at 2110 Bay St. near the Los Angeles River would create 110 live/work units, including 11 affordable residences, in an 11-story building.”

“Landscape Architecture as Necessity” conference at USC aims to “counter the onslaught of politically-correct eco-speak”: “The conference, titled Landscape as Necessity, is built around the idea that the landscape architecture discipline is, as stated on the conference website, “uniquely able to synthesize ecological systems, scientific data, engineering methods, social practices, and cultural values, integrating them into the design of the built environment.” As such, the three-day symposium will feature a vast array of practitioners, researchers, artists, and luminaries who will discuss their work.”


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