California Native Plant Sale: Hosted by Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery with The Autry Museum on their new and much anticipated exhibit California Continued, this weekend’s sale features native plants through California indigenous knowledge and practices. Opens October 9, 2016 to the general public with the native plant sale in the Autry Plaza.

Winning Land Art Generator Initiative Competition design combines art, sustainable power generation: Cetacea, a wave energy converter that incorporates wind generation and photovoltaic panels, competed against 200 entries from more than 50 countries. The proposed design comprises wave-, wind-, and solar-powered generators within graceful arches to maximize energy production.

5 Tips For Designing More Equitable Cities: Los Angeles is changing by the minute, with both intimate and massive projects happening across the city. Now is a good time for landscape architects, architects, city planners, and civic engineers to develop plans with equitable results for all its citizenry. “I want [the exhibition] to create a conversation about how we can use design to bring these big ideas into form. We don’t have to continue to have people live in inequitable situations. We have a choice. People have agencies in their own communities, and that might be inspiration to other communities.”

City Looking for Developer For Angels Knoll Site: “After three years of being fenced off, there finally appears to be a path to progress for Angels Knoll, the not-so-grassy-anymore hillside park near California Plaza and Fourth and Hill streets.”

A Monument to Outlast Humanity: “In the Nevada desert, the pioneering artist Michael Heizer completes his colossal life’s work: “City”, a monumental architectonic work, with dimensions comparable to those of the National Mall, in Washington, D.C., and a layout informed by pre-Columbian ritual cities like Teotihuacan.”


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