These floating Jellyfish Lodges purify polluted water and air while growing food: “Could a fleet of floating jellyfish purify our polluted rivers and streams? That’s the idea behind Janine Hung’s Jellyfish Lodge, which protects the land, air, and water while growing healthy food. A combination of trash-collecting tentacles, aquaponic gardens, and water filtration systems give back to the environment in an impressive feat of biodesign.”

Hyperloop One raises $50 million from one of the world’s largest ports operators: One of the world’s largest maritime ports operators led a $50-million financing of Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles company aiming to transport cargo and people faster and cheaper than existing options.

Landscape architects see Los Angeles as living lab in combatting climate change: “In present-day L.A., miles of traffic-clogged asphalt and concrete riverbeds have become nearly as iconic as the city’s palm trees and beaches. But urban advocates are tackling the challenges of the city, trying to reimagine its infrastructure in new ways that “benefit more than just the automobile.”

Clean Streets Index: “As part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Clean Streets initiative, the City’s Bureau of Sanitation drove all of LA’s public streets and alleys (traveling over 22,000 miles!) and gave each block a cleanliness score from 1-3. 1 = Clean, 2 = Somewhat Clean, 3 = Not Clean.”

This Massive Lego Version of Los Angeles Is Insanity: “This is Jorge Parra Jr. He’s 23. He works nights. In his free time, he builds a Lego city inspired by L.A., where he lives. He’s been slowly constructing it and uploading videos of his progress to Youtube for the past eight years.”


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