FLOW: Imagining the landscape as moving and malleable data points.

“Landscape as Necessity” conference aims to broaden the role of landscape architects: “With Banham’s Los Angeles in mind, landscape architects, geographers, and researchers came together at USC, under the direction of Kelly Shannon, director of the USC School of Architecture’s Landscape Architecture Program, and USC assistant professor Alison Hirsch, for the Landscape as Necessity conference to focus on issues relating to the connections among megalopolis, nature, and the future of both on a rapidly warming planet.”

The Sponge Park: Cleaning One of America’s Most Polluted Waterways: There is a small new park, about 1,800 square feet along the Gowanus Canal, that will help prevent one million gallons of polluted runoff water from discharging directly into the waterway.

UD landscape architecture students design rain gardens: “Students in the University of Delaware’s new Bachelor of Landscape Architecture major housed in the plant and soil sciences department are working on several rain garden projects in their coursework this fall.”

Houzz offers scholarship for landscape architecture students: “Aspiring landscape architects have the opportunity to earn a $2,500 scholarship from Houzz, a website dedicated to home remodeling and design.”


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