What’s Happening to the Bees and Butterflies?:The Moth Snowstorm is one of the few books I know that tries to grasp how the thinning of nature changes our experience of the natural world. The book takes its name from a visual illusion that has disappeared in England: the way the headlights of a speeding car on a summer night turned moths flying above the roadway into a blizzard of insects. When that happened, McCarthy notes, “the true startling scale of their numbers was suddenly apparent.”

Here’s what Santa Monica Beach will look like after it’s landscaped to resist rising sea levels: “Santa Monica Beach is going to look a little different soon, thanks to a beach restoration project that will partially enclose and re-landscape about three acres of sand with native vegetation.”

Historic Places of Los Angeles: “Just because a place is, or isn’t, on this map does not mean that it will, or won’t, be an advocacy issue for the Conservancy at some point. The map is strictly a way to highlight some of the many historic gems throughout Los Angeles County. Browse more than 600 historic places throughout Los Angeles County.”

Experimental City: How Rotterdam Became A World Leader In Sustainable Urban Design: Europe’s largest port—threatened by rising waters and a loss of its major industry—has reinvented itself as a playground for innovative thinkers who are trying to create a resilient city of the future.

Santa Monica wants to build the greenest structure in California’s history. Can they pull it off?: “Santa Monica is trying to accomplish something that has never been done before in California. By 2020, the city hopes to construct a 50,000-square-foot city services building that will meet the requirements of the International Living Future Institute’s “Living Building Challenge” — the most stringent environmental building standard in the world.”


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