Relaxing Landscape Timelapse Videos: “Michael Shainblum makes time lapse videos of nature, landscapes, and cities, and some of them are very relaxing to watch. The resolution on these are great, so make ‘em big, sit back, and enjoy.”

Play Ground: How a Dutch landscape architect is reinventing the park: “There’s no doubt that mass culture has a hundred-per-cent success in making the world programmed. Everything is branded, everything has a name, has a function that you have paid for. That makes a very relevant question for our generation of designers. If we are interfering in public space, should we be part of that, or should we offer a sort of antidote? Maybe we should make an environment where everyone can enjoy the lightness, and you can play.”

Control Earth: “What is Earth’s baseline temperature? Good question. The climate scenario ‘historicalNat’ simulates a world without human intervention.”

Don’t overlook the quiet voices and contributions: Relevant points for everyone who works in an office environment and operates within a team (or leads one): “Give people time and space to think. Don’t fret if written responses come in slower than you’re used to. Reviewing ideas, thinking, and building thorough contributions takes time and focus. These responses will be far better in quality than the speedy ones.”

The landscape architect who helped invent modern city parks: “In The Landscape Architecture of Lawrence Halprin, projects like Seattle’s Freeway Park, an array of Cubist concrete bricks and cascading waterfall that bridges Interstate 5, or the Sea Ranch, a rustic development north of San Francisco inspired by the Israeli concept of kibbutz, position Halprin as a pioneer, a designer, and a thinker whose engineered landscapes offer a pre-High Line look at inspired urban design.”


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