This Spectacular Aerial Video Shows the Whole LA River Before its Transformation: “In this serene video by filmmaker Chang Kim, the full length of the river is put on display, exploring a resource that is the topic of much debate in the Los Angeles area.”

What Makes a Real L.A. Movie?: “What truly distinguishes Los Angeles from other cities, rather than the aimless and/or idealistic millennials that populate so many of them, is its countless communities and the proximity its manifestly unplanned sprawl forces them into. While a traffic-jam dance number may wink at an outsider’s impression of the city’s flaws, Gold successfully spins its infamous breadth into a virtue. New York may get credit as America’s foremost melting pot, but only L.A. has the chaos and zoning laws that put Gold’s favored haunt, Koreatown, right next to the old-money manses of Hancock Park.”

An Interactive Journey Through Endangered Natural Soundscapes: “Bernie Krause’s “The Great Animal Orchestra” includes five soundscapes that represent the fragile natural diversity of our world.”

The Riverside Roundabout: “Nine Stone sculptures are cut with 3D scanned faces of individuals from the community, randomly chosen over a period of the next 2 years. The sculptures are sited in a remediative landscape that uses plants sourced from the adjacent LA River. Curb cuts in the roundabout convey stormwater coming from the bridge through a series of stormwater detention landscape, thus intercepting runoff before it dumps into the LA River.”

Misled Millennials: How Fake News Could Set Los Angeles Down A Dangerous Path: Thomas Musca, the assistant curator for the Architecture and Design Museum’s 2013 exhibition Never Built: Los Angeles, speaks his piece about Measure S (formerly known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative), an initiative that will place an immediate two-year-long moratorium on most new development in Los Angeles. Agree or disagree, the landscape of Los Angeles is changing…


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